Sweating with New Balance - Fall 2011 Preview

On Tuesday I went to a press preview for New Balance's Fall 2011 line...only this one was a bit different than the standard presentation. New Balance provided our outfits head-to-toe, and, with the help of a few sprightly trainers from Crunch Fitness, they put us through some circuit training to test out the goods. (Thank God I had the sense to shave my legs that morning!). I'm an exercise enthusiast, so for me it was ideal...for others it was kind of a mockery of their lack of coordination. Everybody, however, took it in stride, and there were smoothies and snacks to enjoy afterward. Plus we got to keep the outfits - so generous!!. Made a video, enjoy!

New Balance Fall 2011 from Mihal Freinquel on Vimeo.

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