I've never been one to show a lot of skin. Not into the short shorts (unless they're over tights), not into the cleavagy shirts (oh wait, my boobs aren't big enough anyway), and I've definitely never been one to bare my belly (all the power to those of you who do). Recently, however, I've been playing a lot of skin peek-a-boo with sheer fabrics - lace, chiffon, thin cotton, etc. Covering up with a bra and tights (and maybe really short shorts underneath) - but basically letting the rest of my fluorescently pale skin shine through in all its glory. Observe:

Ok obviously those are terrible examples of see-through pieces since I'm standing against a wall...but the black lace skirt is completely see-through, as is the red dress (I cut out the linings in both of them myself).

By the way, props to you bloggers who take incredible pics of yourselves with the self-timer (ahem Kadeem!). I obviously suck at it...so much so that I feel fully ashamed to make eye contact with my camera.

Anyway, while perusing the "coming soon" section of the American Apparel website I came across the Chiffon Long Dress...

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of nipple in this pic - but distracting brown areola aside, I'm actually kind of...I think, sort of...yeah maybe a little into this dress...dress-thing. For what/where? Dunno. What would I wear under? Well, not a nude g-string - maybe a short black slip? I don't know why but I feel oddly affectionate for what this dress/nightgown thing is trying to do.