the ol' ball and chain

Back in the day - like the early 90's day - I adorned myself in millions and millions of funky necklaces and bracelets. They didn't come off ever - not to sleep, not to shower - they came off when they fell off, and then they were simply replaced.

And while I was totally into old stones and crystals and hippie beads, there were two materials that served as my accessory staples: hemp and ball-chain. 

I'm pretty sure I left both in the dust by the early 2000's (though I continued to wear skirts over pants well into college...I know). But this weekend I bopped into a hardware store to revisit my love-affair with ball-chain. This one's not going anywhere for a while - reunited and it feels soooo right. Observe...my newly ball-chain-adorned wrist:

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