a girl in menswear: nadia sarwar from froufrouu

I spotted this chick a few times during NYFW and was delighted to find her again on The Cut's "20 Most Stylish People at London Fashion Week." Nadia Sarwar, of style blog FrouFrouu, exemplifies a woman who puts a modern funky spin on a classic menswear look. Oh, and she's also stunning. I first saw her in these red velvet vintage Dungarees:

 Some more shots of her perfectly constructed outfits:

Yeah...I know. Color palette: perfect. Tailoring: exact. Oh and she's a photog too:

I'm salivating.

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abstractElements said...

She is AMAZING!! *mouth wide open..

Dushane Oswald Ramsay said...

Dude in the beard is what I look like on the inside.