where i brush my teeth

I was supposed to have dinner plans with my buddy tonight, but when he came to pick me up he couldn't get over the gothic factor of my almost black lipstick combined with my weird fishnet stockings (...boys). He had his camera on him so instead of going out to dinner we ordered in, and while we were waiting, we took it to the bathroom for a little photoshoot.
It also gave me a chance to showcase a couple of the new duds I recently got from the kind folks at American Apparel. The first pic shows my favorite item - a gloriously oversized heather grey sweatshirt (and actually also, the striped crew neck t-shirt underneath). The AA button down chambray in the last pic is also kind of grey. Greyish blue. At this point grey and black are constantly fighting to win my affection for the spot of my favorite clothing color. Daring, I know.

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