Levi's Brand is Better Than Yours

Levi's never fails to impress me. They have achieved a unique status in the fashion world that most brands cannot even dream of: being able to keep their product continually classic rather than letting it get old. Consequently, they have maintained a ridiculously broad demographic, including everybody from long time Levi's wearing grandpas to current tastemakers, innovators and hot young celebs.

Last week they had a party to celebrate their new WaterLess Jeans, a product line that reduces water consumption by an average of 28% in the finishing process. “What’s different about the WaterLess collection is that we’re still using the same materials and techniques to create finishes for our jeans but we’ve substantially reduced water’s role in the equation,” said Carl Chiara, Director of Brand Concepts and Special Projects of the Levi’s brand. “Sometimes, the way to achieve a more sustainable design is to rethink a traditional process and find a way to do it better.”

And holy hell does Levi's do it better. Not only their jeans, but their parties...their models...their entertainment. I felt at least 25-30% cooler just being at the party. Simply put, the Levi's brand is more likely better than yours.

Take a look at some images of the new stuff, courtesy of Levis, photographed by Phillip Angert:

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