The Power of a Watch

When Wall Street meets the fashion industry, there's no telling what will come out of it. Really, you couldn't pick two more opposing industries - except perhaps that both value men in beautifully tailored power-suits.

Recently, swimming in a sea of said suits, I attended a party at Tourneau on Madison Avenue. The wine was flowing, the watches were glowing, and holy good god were the brand ambassadors hot. I had the opportunity to chat with Jim Seuss, CEO of Tourneau, who not only talked to me about ventures in re-branding and the premier of the new Devon Tread 1 Watch (below), but personally escorted me to the third floor so I could try the new time piece on for myself.

I died. Not only is this design completely fresh and unique, but it single-handedly (no pun intended!) bridges the gap between Wall Street and the fashion industry...I'd even go so far to say the artsy downtown community. It's a statement. It's trend-setting. It's sexy and sophisticated and bold. It can say "Oh just hanging around the Lehman offices in my elegant watch and Versace suit," or "Oh this watch? Yeah I thought it complimented all of my funky wooden jewelry and bleached out half shaved head."

Does the price bridge the gap as well? Let's ignore that question for now.
Happy shopping!

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