the pendleton + opening ceremony coat

Pendleton is a truly Oregon-based clothing brand: plaids and Native American prints galore in amazing quality wool. The product is a North Westerner's dream and can be seen on the streets (...in the mountains...in the forest...) on everybody from northern Washington to southern Oregon.

I walked by the store the other day and saw this coat, the "Toggle Coat", in the window:
I had to go in and at least try it on. When I looked at the tag, it said Pendleton + Opening Ceremony. Dun dun duuuuuuun!! For those of you who know nothing about Opening Ceremony, what it means in basic retail speak is they essentially have the power to turn an otherwise $350 coat into a $1000 coat just by putting their name on it.

Needless to say I didn't buy the coat.

I feel like this is the fashion equivalent of gentrification - I have been forced from the comfortable woolen home I've always known, and now the retail hipsters are taking over and making something cool out of something that has always gone under the radar. And now I'll never be able to afford a Native American print jacket ever again. Sigh.

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Dee O. said...

I looooove this coat!!!!! Very cool indeed :) Thank you for sharing this!