The Hidden Wedge

If you're an active 3snaps reader, you know by now that I love a wedge. As far as I'm concerned Jeffrey Campbell is currently at the top of the wedge game. I recently wrote about them in a post about fall boots and highlighted a couple, but here are some of my favorite:
Images: Solestruck

Why do I love wedges so much? I think probably for the same reason regular girls love heels. They make legs look long and lean, they dress up any outfit - but unlike heels, these suckers are easy to walk in and don't hurt my 87 year old back. 

As design teams tend to do, there's a brand out there that's changing the wedge game. 80%20 Shoes has been up on the "Hidden Wedge" steez for a while, but for fall 2010, designer Ce Ce Chin is taking it to a totally new place. Take a gander:
 Images: 80%20 Website

Sometimes a gal just doesn't wanna be in flat shoes!! These 80%20 hidden wedges essentially give you hidden height inside the shoe - because while it looks like you could potentially be in flats, you're still actually getting the lift, adding a little extra height and a little extra gorgeousness to your legs.

The hidden wedge is about to get huge y'all - you heard it here first.
3snaps to 80%20.

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