90's love

I love the 90's. In the downtown NYC crowd it's super posh to reminisce about the 90's hip hop scene - the clothes, the music, even several parties are dedicated to it. So allow me to specify that I love 90's grunge. The music, the fashion, the movies, the makeup...it was so angsty and rebellious and unpretentious. It spoke directly to teen pain and confusion, it gave us an out - it gave us an in - grunge in all its glory was a sympathetic haven for those of us who needed something different. Hipsters and young folk today have tried their damnedest to recreate the grunge movement, but it's much more intentional and calculated - completely detracting from the essence of the original movement. I guess I've become the older generation musing about the good ol' days...oh well, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. Trip down memory lane? Okay!

Obviously these pics could go on and on and on. I can't even be sure that I've never posted on this before, I love 90's grunge that much.

One of my fav Nirvana songs, if you feel so inclined...

3snaps to 90's grunge.

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Veronika said...

FAUST then Nirvana and HOLE?! Ahhh!!!! (Nirvana is my favorite band EVER)