Sunglasses: The Great Debate

There comes a time in all of our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. For some it happens earlier than others, some people choose to act on it, while others merely pause to acknowledge it, and keep walking only to ignore it another long while until it pops up again. I'm talking about a sunglasses crossroads: to spend or not to spend.

Buying cheap sunglasses is easy. In NYC they're on the street for $7-$10. In malls everywhere and in stores like H&M or Forever 21, they're sold for $15 at the most. They're convenient, you can own as many pairs as you want and it's easy to find the trendiest styles. The hitch is that they're almost guaranteed to scratch/fall apart/morph within 3 months (ballpark). So the great debate is this: keep buying new sunnies every 3-6 months for $7-$20 a pop, or save up and buy a quality pair to love and nurture and treat like a newborn baby?

I'm at this crossroads now for about the fiftieth time. It's very possible that I'll do the one week pause that I always do and continue to ignore it. BUTWHATIF I chose the road less traveled and looked down the splurging path? This is what I'd buy:

1. David Yurman: Waverly Frames - $325
Yurman is launching several new colors of the Waverly frame in the next few weeks. This one is my fav. What I love about this brand's sunnies is that, unlike other brands, they're constructed alongside his jewelry collections - so the tones in the frames reflect the tones in the jewelry. It's like one big happy, luxuriously matching family.

2. Grey Ant: Status Sunglasses - $250(ish...depending on where you look)
These oversized Wayfarers require a certain amout of general flair - do not attempt with tapered khakis and a checkered shirt...unless you're doing it ironically, then maybe I'll consider it. Bring on the funk, I can never have too much funk.

3. Diane Von Furstenberg: DVF510S - $125
These shades are so Hollywood I can't even deal. They're the elegant classy lady who wears pencil skirts and stilettos. They're the grandma who used to be the elegant lady in pencil skirts and stilettos. They're the hipster ironically portraying the grandma who used to be the elegant lady in pencil skirts and stilettos. All encompassing...can't go wrong.

4. Ray Ban: Clubmaster - $145
What can I really say here? 1) I want to be a part of the Ray Ban club, as does anybody in their right mind. 2) I really, truly love a good tortoise shell.

5. Alexander Wang + Linda Farrow (for Opening Ceremony): Round Silver - $325
Yesssss ROUND. Get ready because round is about to explode. Welcome back, Lennon.

There you have it. I'm still at the crossroads and still not sure which path to take. I do know that the arm on my $10 street shades is being held on by a safety pin. Siiiiigh.

Happy Shopping.

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Anonymous said...

I've had the same quandary- but until i am able to treat my glasses like a newborn baby (will i ever be capable of owning something that doesn't break/scratch?) i guess ill just have to stick to the cheap ones! Love the looks here tho:)