5 Tips: How to Dress Against the Weather

I don't know about where you are, but here in the Northeast, winter is definitely upon us. And when the temp begins to drop, it only means one thing in the world of fashion: Winter Clothes Sales and Marketing. Countless morning shows, magazine covers and window displays advising the best way to stay warm on the inside when it's effing frigid on the outside - the most flattering coats, the right winter hat for your haircut, what your winter gloves say about you - the bottom line being: How to Dress For the Weather.

Well here's a thought. Maybe winter and cold weather aren't things you have to protect yourself from, but rather, elevate your style to. Just because it's frigid doesn't mean you have to retire all of the fabulous pieces in your closet until the 60's come back (Fahrenheit, that is). Screw bundling up! Forget looking like a tortured marshmellow! The days are upon us, people, and I'm about to give you a few tips on how to dress against the weather.

1) Boots are your friends, but socks are your lovers. Yes, as winter approaches closer and closer, everybody knows it's time to put away the flats/loafers/ankle booties etc. that were your staples in the fall, and break out the boots. Nobody can deny that the colder months are ALL about boots - mid-shin length boots, knee length boots, and this season more than ever, the thigh-high boots. But let's talk about our little friend the sock. He can do more for you than you know, all you have to do is get a little funky with him. Forget storing all the shoes that don't cover your foot or ankle completely. There's nothing cuter than a little argyle or striped sock peaking out under your cuffed pant. Yes, the cuff is more of a spring/summer/fall trend, but with a little help from the sock it can keep you sassy all year round. This brings us to our next tip...

2) A little wool goes a long way. Be it socks or tights or a nice cardigan, when wool is around you can be assured that you will be properly braced for the cold. There's a reason sheep use it as their only source of warmth...it's really effing warm! So there's no need to set aside your cute tanks, pair them with a nice wool cardi and be on your way. Don't forget about your skirts and dresses...a pair of wool tights will save the day. This of course brings me to my next tip...

3) Wear skirts in the winter. Yes, winter is cold - but this is no excuse to not see anything but pants for a solid 3-5 months. In my opinion there's nothing cuter than a micro mini in the winter - slap a pair of wool tights under that badboy, a nice oversized sweater, and a pair of wedge booties (may be substituted for any closed toed shoe that makes your legs look extra long - I'm generally not a fan of open toed shoes with thick tights). When worn with a winter coat that's longer than the skirt it's totally sassy and sexy - you're covering up but still suggesting a bit o' nakedness...kind of like seeing a hit of a lacey bra under a blouse. Hot.

3a) Three part two. This tip is part of #3 but I feel like it's important enough that it should be its own section. If your wear a skirt with tights in the winter...or summer...or any other season...for God's sake don't wear them with Uggs. It's atrocious and is guaranteed to make you look like a confused teenybopper.

4) Accessorise - but don't be predictable. The top 3 winter accessories are scarves, hats and gloves. Yes, they are all necessary and I use them all, but let's talk about how to go beyond the predictable with them. Standing in line for a concert the other night in the cold, my girl Melissa was wearing a coat with 3/4 length sleeves - most of us have one or two of these that we rock in the fall, but once winter comes around we switch them out for the full length ones. Not Melissa. This girl keeps the cropped jacket in rotation and breaks out the long gloves to compensate for the missing fabric. Moving onto the hat. Nobody likes hat hair and everybody likes scarves. Lots of retailers have something equivalent to American Apparel's Unisex Circle Scarf (it's kind of irrelevant but worth mentioning that this scarf can also be worn as a dress/skirt/shawl...the list goes on. See website). A piece like this can be worn as a hood, a scarf, a hood and a scarf at the same time - it's cute, affordable and has multiple uses - every shopper's fantasy. And while we're on the topic of accessories I'm going to jump on over to makeup real quick - just because it's dark and dreary out, there's no need to put away those bright summer eyeshadows and lipsticks. In winter more than ever it's important, if not essential, to liven up your look in whatever way you can. I'm a fan of the hot pink lip...to each her own though.

5) Hot Liquids. If all else fails...if it's mid January and you just can't stop thinking about the really cute summer dress you bought at the end of August and never got the chance to wear, or the open toed pumps you miss and hate the way they look with tights...stop by Starbucks, get yourself a hotass drink, and warm yourself from the inside out dammit! The winter does not own you. Carrying a grande soy latte (or whatever) will not only keep your insides warm but you'll look much more moody and important as you walk down the street.

Those are my 2 cents, hope you feel like you got your money's worth. And I'm going to make a disclaimer here, because I can just anticipate the comments: These tips do not apply if you live in Alaska or some other horrendously freezing area. These tips do not apply if you work outside in the cold weather all day long. And tip #3a applies to EVERYBODY...don't think you're the exception to the rule because you do it cuter...you don't.

Happy shopping.


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