Fashion Week is the New Xmas

It's fashion week once again here in NYC and anybody who knows me knows it puts me in a perpetual state of bliss. The models, the parties, the free stuff, the glamor, the models. I love models. Female models only - I think male models are weird and awkward. Anyway that's beside the point. Here are my highlights so far:

1) Have I been at a party with Anna Wintour? YES I HAVE.
She had an entourage of stilettoed women on their Blackberries following in her tracks, when she stopped to chat with the models and the bigwigs it was only for a moment. She was in and out in what seemed like under 3 minutes. It was a dream...I'm still floating on high fashion clouds.

2) Did I get 3 free mascaras, 2 free lipsticks, 1 free lipgloss and 1 free Fashion's Night Out shirt? YES I DID!
As I mentioned before I was hard up for mascara since the one I've been using for the last 3 years was discontinued. All 3 of these mascaras are Maybelline also (as is the rest of the make up) so maybe I'll find a replacement. Maybe I'll try them all out and write a review for my fellow Lash Stylist mourners. One of the mascaras vibrates when you push a button...so we'll see how that goes.

3) Did I walk by Bryant Park as the following photo was being taken?
YES INDEED. Every single hot model out right now was there. Hundreds of long limbs, high cheekbones and indecipherable accents chattering about. I was on my way to a job but I had to slow my pace and gawk (and curse myself for not constantly walking around with my camera). When my knees got weak and I started drooling I decided it was time to keep it moving.

4) Did I sit front row at Erin Wasson's RVCA show last night?
Well, no...I definitely didn't do that. Had I thought about it before I would have hit up the fashion week marketing team and used my HuffPo style blogging status to try and snag a press pass. Alas I didn't think ahead and I have learned my lesson. She had some good looks...and she is still one of my bigtime fashion gurus...although I will say this - all of these downtown New York designers are all starting to design the same kinda shit. The outfits that say "I'm too cool to care, but I really do, but I'm so depressed and drunk and coked out I just can't pick out an outfit. Fuck it I'll just throw on super skinny jeans with a pair of boots, a plain thin white cotton shirt and a leather jacket/denim vest. My hair is greasy and tousled, my makeup is smeared and smoldering, and I must smoke this cigarette before I die of boredom." Don't get me wrong I totally love this look. I liiiiiive for it (the gays taught me that one). But can't these downtown designers show a little innovation?! Maybe I'm asking too much.

That's all for now. Just vibing off the pulse of Fashion Week in the city. I can't help it, I'm a slave to the beauty.


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