Your style is making you sick...

I'm all for style experimentation. Wild make up, bold colors, new structures or shapes...that's what fashion is all about...it's art. Example: some of the couture pieces from Christian Lacroix's Spring 2009 collection (I only posted a few but it really is worth checking out the whole collection, amazing):
Yes, sometimes it's over-the-top, which I'm fine with - I'm not inherently opposed to taking fashion farther than it "should" go, in fact I welcome it.

What I'm not fine with are two distinctly different trends with one thing in common - both of them literally make their fashion victims look sick. Like sickly. Like they should be in a hospital bed with some kind of drip in their arms.

**Let me just specify here that both faux pas apply mostly to light skinned people - not necessarily Caucasian (you Asian girls, lighter skinned Hispanic ones, etc. better listen up too), but anybody with dark skin can pretty much disregard these complaints.**


Big no-no. It's too reminiscent of pink eye, or the flu:
Do you want people to think you've got the swine flu and you've been blowing your nose and wiping your nasty crusty eyes all day?? Didn't think so!! Lay off the red eye makeup, please! It's effing offensive and it makes me feel like I should be wearing a mask.

I'm sorry, I know the idea of it is cute and quirky...but the reality of something so yellow and so tight that it looks like it's your skin...well it makes you look like you have Jaundice (you know, that disease that turns your skin yellow?).
And I'm fine with colored tights/leggings! Just the yellow...the yellow.

So that's what I have to say about that. There's enough in this world that makes us sick - herpes, cooties, gross pigs - I'd appreciate it if you kept your fashion malfunctions away from me...cuz there ain't no immunization for it, and I'm starting to feel queezy.



Emily said...

Lol, I loved this post. I absolutely HATE colored leggings and tights, I don't know why. I guess they work on some people, but not many. White leggings are the worst.

xAZD said...

haha good points!
I also totally agree that fashion is art, and going over-the-top is great.