I Wanna Be Like Maddow

Not having a 9-5 certainly has it's benefits...like going to the Martha Stewart show for the better part of the morning. Yesterday my girl MJ and I, surrounded by a sea of middle aged white women with coiffed shoulder-length highlighted hair, proudly sat our young asses down in the first row of the studio audience. Besides the fact that it was National Carrot Day and we got amazing gift bags (filled with Yes To Carrots products, a Body and Soul magazine, and like 5 POUNDS of carrots from Whole Foods), and besides the fact that there was a health and wellness panel there to talk about food and exercise and everything I love to talk about...besides all that - Rachel Maddow was there. In case y'all don't know who she is, she has a hysterical political commentary show on MSNBC. She's sarcastic, witty, down to earth, and really effing smart!! I agree with everything she says. If she says it, I believe it as truth. Basically I wanna be her. If I can't be her, I wanna be friends with her. If I can't be friends with her, I guess I'll just keep watching her show...oh wait I don't have cable anymore. Sigh. Take a look:

Most of us know Rachel to look the way she looks on her show:
She's usually in a suit, with soft, feminine makeup. Yesterday, she came as casual Rachel:
But she was wearing Elvis Costello glasses like this:
So actually, even though this image is from Leno, she came looking more like this:
Worn with jeans and some kind of flat, casual shoe, they might have been Converse (that would only make sense right?!), she was a-freakin-DORable. What is it about funny, charming lesbians and their casual outfits???
Even though that last outfit is just so wrong, I'm totally ok with it!! I don't know what's come over me...I have the Rachel Maddow fever, and I love it. If I start dressing like a teenage boy, you'll know why...just bring me to the Tyra Show and I'll probably snap right out of it.


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