Karl Lager-Awesome

This morning on the train I saw a tooootal Karl Lagerfeld lookalike. I wish I had my camera because...well no I probably wouldn't have taken a picture because it was a pretty crowded train, but I definitely had to do a double take. Obviously Karl Lagerfeld wouldn't be caught dead riding a train, I'm sure he hasn't ridden one since like 1960, and even then I bet he brough a red velvet pillow to sit on. The point of all this is then I came home and while browsing style.com I happen to stumble upon Mr. Lagerfeld's Spring 2009 RTW Collection. Pretty fantastic collection if you ask me - he mostly stuck to black, white, charcoal and silver...a floral type print here and there but mostly just rigid, kind of space agey flight attendant-like pieces. Some examples below:

To view the entire collection, click HERE.

Then!!!! I came across a fascinating little number that, if anybody's gonna pull it off it's gonna be this guy right here. Ladies and gents, I give you, The "Mask" Bag:

Compare Karl photo on bag to Karl photo at the top of the post...not too shabs. Oh, and if you've made it to the end of this post and you're thinking to yourself "is it bad that I don't know who Karl Lagerfeld is?" - yes, it is. So for all of our sake, put your Google skills to use...cuz he's definitely a fashion must-know.


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