Feresheteh be Frresh!

There are very few things that will get the Snaps and Daps duo awake at 6:30am on a frigid Sunday morning. When our girl Sabel passed the word that she and Cool Chris were styling a photoshoot for Frresh, a line of coats created by Atlanta based designer Feresheteh Rashidi, we knew we had to get down and bring y'all the behind the scenes. Shot inside Yume BKNY, this space (and all the people in it) would have made Andy Warhol shed tears of joy. From the art on the walls to the colorful racks of clothes to the Tribe Called Quest bumping from the speakers (courtesy of Snaps and Daps), the vibe was effortlessly creative meets we-got-this chic.

Let me do a quick role call: the photographer du jour, was Andrew DeFrancesco...his multicolored scarf was as perfectly photographer-esque as his last name. The fierce vixens he snapped all day were Reba Massey, Karina Parris, Carmela Tai, and Isabella Zubor. The fellas elevating their looks to the next level were hair and make-up stylists, Cesar Ramirez and Merrell Hollis.

Though we tend to be a blog for readers, the pics should probably just speak for themselves.


More pics to come, real soon!

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[FADIA] [KADER] ™ said...

sigh* so sad i missed this.. i was supposed to be there.. guess whos bac k in NYC.. but the 2nd half of this week is gonna be insane.. :(