10 Deep in Fool's Gold

10 Deep and Fool's Gold records brought their latest jam to Element for a mid-week smackdown. Obviously, we were there...

Even though we missed the open bar,anchored the block-long line like suckers and got frisked like we were partying at China Club, Pase Rock warmed up our frost-bitten pride with digs from Kid Sister, the 90s, Miami, Chromeo...and on and on, till the break of dawn.

Style was NOT out of sight- heads represented 10 Deep with their all-over-print everythings, the Voguers did their thing in white fur and designer specs, Kid Sister threw it back to 95 with her new blonde, MJB-style coif and nerd-hip was at it's highest with non-prescription eyewear that clearly showed that this crowd was sharp on the corner of Essex and Houston.