90's rockers and their hair

Anybody who knows me, or has ever seen me, or flipped through my iPod, or read this blog knows that I'm permanently stuck in the 90's. My clothes, my music, my heart...and my taste in men. I don't particularly care for pop stars now, unless they were popular in the 90's. Unless they were rockers in the 90's...with that hair...

My favorite rockers (then and now) are above (yes, I made that collage, you're welcome). In case you live under a rock, I'll call them out. From upper left, cockwise (that was a typo, but I figured funnier to leave than rewrite). Eh-hem, from upper left, clockwise: Gavin Rossdale, lead singer/guitarist of Bush (I saw him once, it was heart-stopping); Kurt Cobain, lead singer/guitarist of Nirvana; Johnny Depp, who isn't a rocker, but he has always lived that life, and has always had the hair; James Iha, guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins (sorry Billy, you don't have enough hair to make the cut).

Honorable mention goes to Jared Leto, who wasn't a rocker then, but is now (kind of maybe?) and has the hair.

Feel free to stare at this collage as long as you want. Kbye.

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