Bloggers Posing Weirdly

Anybody who knows me...or has ever seen a picture of me...can attest to the fact that I'm horrible at having my photo taken. My eyes get all wide, my lips become pursed, my cheeks do things I never even knew cheeks were capable of doing. And my body positions...oh my body positions...

So it is from no highhorse whatsoever that I make fun of these horribly/wonderfully awkward bloggers. The poses, the facial expressions, the environments they put themselves in...anything I can get my grubby hands on really. Lookbook just provides infinite amounts of material for me to choose from, and for that I thank them profoundly.  

Now, let's put my cynicism to good use, eh??!!

Stopping to smell the...foliage...has never looked so [insert adjective here]. He's hiding the briefcase behind his butt so it doesn't get jelly of the plant.
"Step forward...no no, step back - wait, no, get on your toes - look away but turn your body toward me...no shift your weight a little more forw...no backward!"
"Dude I think they sent me the crosseyed blow-up doll...I ordered the one with the gimpy arm!"
I think I'm just really drawn to the unfortunate angle on this one...
Bra: out. Buttcheek: out. Hair: windblown and under a fedora. Shoes: weird "ankle foreskin" disaster. Pose: perfectly pigeon-toed mess. I appreciate this photo A LOT.


Cleon said...

Mihal strikes again. Ruthless is the word.

Celia said...

"ankle foreskin" ......I have no words. tehehehehehe!